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Visions & Values

925HIRE, LLC (9 to 5) is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. We work to foster relationships and enhance awareness within organizations that understand that maximizing the assets of their workforce, means moving beyond creating diverse hiring practices to building a more inclusive company culture.

Who we Are

925HIRE, LLC, (MBE, WBE, LGBTBE Certified) is a female, African and Latino American owned full service staffing firm dedicated to an equitable workplace. We specialize in building culturally diverse expert staffing and training solutions throughout the United States. Since 2010, 925HIRE,LLC has been an integral part in helping organizations seeking to harness the power and best practices of a diverse and inclusive workplace as a winning business strategy.

We Believe...

  • A diverse workplace plays a vital role in helping companies achieve a sound presence in a global marketplace.
  • Talent should have no boundaries.
  • Talent is your brand.
  • That when employees are accepted and included, they become your brand ambassadors and propel your brand forward.

Our Team

Tonie Snell

Chief JobMingler/Founder/CEO

Angella Guajardo


Rick Buchanan

Dir. Strategic Partnerships

Bryndie & Daizee

K-9 Citizens

Our Partnerships

Our Services

Employer Branding

The way top talent finds employers – and employers find top talent – has fundamentally changed. That means talent acquisition success increasingly relies on developing a compelling, cohesive and comprehensive employer brand. Developing a compelling employer brand means executing and engaging across channels and campaigns; developing and deploying brand ambassadors; creating social sourcing strategies; cultivating and nurturing talent networks; creating content that’s sticky and shareable; targeting and refining your messaging and more.

Temporary Staffing

Fill your business’ demand for employees, which can include special projects, seasonal peaks, unexpected staff shortage, or any time that your business may need additional, temporary support. Here’s what is included in our temporary staffing services:
  • Background check
  • Training and orientation
  • Human Resources responsibilities (taxes, benefits, workers' compensation, payroll)
  • Unemployment insurance

Retained Searches

As our most common HR recruiting and placement fee method, contingency-based services provide maximum assurance of good faith for both our clients and us. Only when your company hires a successful candidate who we refer to you will you pay our competitive fees, as specified in the contract. In some cases, especially where the need to recruit ideal candidates for a crucial position is time-sensitive and immediate, our corporate clients arrange for our services on a retained basis. We will be happy to discuss our retainer search process and fee payment schedule with you.

Executive Searches
Direct Hire

Invest in the right talent, the first time. Our staff will work with you to understand your business' culture, systems and goals to ensure you hire individuals with the industry knowledge and skill sets that work with your team.


Hire workers on a project basis to accomplish assignments limited in duration and scope. Most contract professionals are trained and educated in specific areas, providing you with prepared and knowledgeable staff.

Pre-Employment Screening
Background Checks

Compliant with FRCA laws our background checks are comprehensive and includes a social security number validation, a social security death index check, a nationwide instant criminal-convictions search, a sex offender check and terrorist watchlist check

Diversity Forward Training

Diversity Forward training is a critical component in attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent. This is important for creating and sustaining change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce and workplace. Inclusion and diversity training must be flexible to meet the demands and schedules of today's active working environments. 925HIRE's Diversity Forward training offers various training products that are flexible in their delivery and duration. So, no matter where your organization and skill gaps are...our training solutions will not only help you close those gaps but will also transform your workplace.


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We believe that candidates are clients too, and we treat you as such. Our goal is always to bring parties together for the mutual benefit. We are always on the lookout for great talent, so please send us your updated resume for our database even if you do not see a position of interest on our Job Listings page. We will contact you shortly to discuss your qualifications and career goals in more detail. Please know that we will not share this information with anyone until we have been in touch with you and mutual interest has been established. We look forward to connecting with you.

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